Discover ERO -
Essential returns objective 

Provide a better post-modern financial strategy based on
your client's and investment committee financial objectives.  

ERO transforms your financial services to offer 
more value and better results.  

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Transformational investing

ERO is a powerful platform which models portfolios using 
Nobel Prize winning concepts and robust analytics to -

#1  Quickly construct return-driven investment strategies

#2  Improve performance and accelerate asset accumulation

#3  Eliminate poor performing investments

#4  Offer more accurate investment strategies

A Better Way From the Start

By beginning with your client's goals, your financial services provide more value, better returns and reduced costs.

ERO provides you with an objective financial plan that will enable clients to buy low and sell high.

The ERO tools

ERO provides Financial Advisors with two powerful tools which can integrate seamlessly with your firm.


The Optimizer is unrivalled in power, accuracy,
flexibility, international capabilities and ease of use.

It eliminates manager selection guesswork, works with any family of funds or manager platform and increases the probability of success by tailoring each portfolio to the investor’s specific goals.

The ERO Optimizer incorporates academic breakthroughs by top financial experts—including Nobel Prize winners William F. Sharpe and Daniel Kahneman— with today’s most advanced statistical models to identify individual mutual funds and investment managers to structure optimal portfolios.

Construct multi-asset portfolios designed to
achieve specific rates of return

Eliminate asset allocation corruption by minimizing
active manager style drift

Determine the optimal mix of active and passive investments
to provide the highest risk-adjusted returns

Actively monitor portfolios and
provide goal-driven reviews

A Next-Level Advancement

The powerful Optimization engine evolves asset allocation and portfolio construction beyond Modern Portfolio Theory to a new level of success probability using the most stringent statistical analysis tested over 25 years.

By avoiding underperformance, the ERO Optimizer is significantly more robust and accurate at managing downside risk than current industry standards relying on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and the Mean-Variance (MV) framework.

The Optimizer is an important advancement that delivers
better analytics, better-built portfolios and better financial performance.

 Scientifically advanced investment analytics

Constructs customized benchmarks for each fund 

Unbiased active manager performance evaluation

Verify when active managers add value to a portfolio

The ERO Calculator

The Calculator matches the financial strategy to a client’s goals

The innovative ERO Calculator helps Financial Advisors decide on the optimal investment strategy for their clients in minutes.

It does this by collecting a few data points including a client’s age, salary, asset value, contribution and goals, and determines which portfolio – from conservative to aggressive – is needed to  achieve an investor’s financial goals.

The ERO Calculator is internationally applicable and uniquely adjusts equity exposure to determine the most appropriate financial strategy. 

game-changing portfolio navigation

The calculator’s flexibility makes it an ideal tool for navigating regular, periodic investment adjustments
with clients to keep their financial progress on-target. This builds confidence and trust with your clients.
How important is it to eliminate investment uncertainty?

Instead of inflexible and subjective “Risk Tolerance” questionnaires, The ERO Calculator generates a variety of optimal investment scenarios and allows a Financial Advisor to provide more scope into a client’s options for the best results.

ADVANCED technology 
working with you

How to Integrate ERO in 6 Easy Steps


The ERO Optimizer

Use the Optimizer to analyze thousands of mutual funds and investment products.
This will provide you with 5 Investment Portfolio Models.


Moderate Conservative


Moderate Aggressive



Identify your client's goals

Have a conversation with your client about their personal goals and lifestyle objectives. 


The ERO Calculator

Collect the following information from your client and enter these into the ERO Calculator.

  • Age
  • Income
  • Asset Value
  • Contributions
  • Time Horizon

Match the Optimal Strategy

The Calculator will determine the:

  • Required rate of return to achieve their goal.
  • Required ERO Investment Portfolio Model to achieve their goal.

This will allow you to provide the right financial advice in a few minutes.



Take action to build the agreed portfolio on behalf of the client.


Review Progress & Adapt

ERO can be updated every time you see a client.

This allows you to meet regularly to track their progress using the ERO Calculator and adjust their strategy accordingly to what meets their goals best. 

Reassessment prevents clients from taking undue risk to achieve their goals.

experience the ero difference

Talk to us and learn how ERO can help you access a better way to 
eliminate investment uncertainty and grow assets.

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