About Us

Providing Financial Advisors & Plan sponsors 
transformative investment strategies

Our Belief

ERO exists to support Financial Advisors and Plan Sponsors with advanced tools to help them offer a more accurate investment experience and grow assets.


Our Goal

At ERO, we use applied scientific research, mathematical algorithms and an award-winning approach to

strengthen the investment process in a way that eliminates guesswork and improves investor performance.

This establishes a valuable long-term relationship between Financial Advisors and Investors. 

Our Values + Team

We are dedicated to protecting the fiduciary responsibility of Financial Advisors. 

ERO achieves this by replacing emotional subjectivity (i.e risk tolerance questionnaires) with superior objective analytics (i.e. financial goals).

By focusing on understanding the real goals of people and using a statistical model to produce better results, the Financial Advisor has a more accurate and client-driven way to act as a trustworthy agent on behalf of the client.

ERO is spearheaded by seasoned investment consultants - 

Jim Kaffen - President & Founder

John Appleby - Partner & Co-Founder

Our Partners

We partner with experienced investment professionals who are committed  to the highest quality of service.

These include Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Family Offices, Broker/Dealers,
Mutual Fund Companies, Consultants and an exclusive group of Plan Sponsors.

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